What To Do If Hotmail Calendar Is Not Syncing With Iphone?

The Hotmail calendar feature empowers users to save important dates and events and also enable them to never miss out on any important meetings. You can stay efficient throughout the day by receiving reminders and deadlines alerts. Hotmail calendar can be easily synced with your iPhone but sometimes you can experience technical difficulties during the process.

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Steps to Do if Hotmail Calendar is not syncing with iPhone

  1. In case you are using the Cellular connection on your iPhone, then make sure you have enough data to surf the internet.
  2. Run a speed test for your cellular connection and check the settings for mobile data on iPhone Settings.
  3. Ensure that Hotmail has the permission to use cellular data, open iPhone Settings > MOBILE DATA > scroll down to apps, ensure the slider is toggled on beside Hotmail.
  4. Also, make sure that the Airplane mode is turned OFF as this can often cause problems.
  5. Alternatively, opt to use a WiFi connection instead of a cellular connection for proper syncing of the Hotmail calendar.
  6. Check if the LOW POWER MODE is turned OFF on iPhone as this can often be the reason behind syncing issues.
  7. Call all the other apps running in the background and then try to sync the Hotmail calendar again.
  8. Restart your iPhone to fix any tiny glitches that might be causing problems.
  9. Check if new updates are available for Hotmail, and download them immediately.
  10. Open the iOS calendar app and make sure that you are using the Hotmail calendar else switch to it.
  11. Make sure the correct Hotmail account is logged in on iPhone, go to iPhone settings > Mail and add the correct Hotmail account if required.


We hope that this guide helped you with your queries, Contact the Hotmail support team if you are stuck in the same problem for instant solutions. Our Hotmail support team will look into your issues and provide quick and easy solutions for the same, so call us on our Hotmail support number in Australia or have a quick chat with our Hotmail representatives now.

What To Do If Hotmail Calendar Is Not Syncing With Iphone?