Reset your Netgear ReadyNAS with these easy steps

If you are aware of the Netgear brand and its products, then you must have heard of the ReadyNAS. It is basically a network based storage device that can hold several hard drives at once. There are times when it will act weird and will not work properly. In that case, you can always rely on our Netgear Support team.

To make it work properly, Netgear Technical Support Australia has given some basic ways that will guide you while performing this whole procedure.

  • Reinstall firmware
  • First of all, turn off the ReadyNAS by pressing the power button
  • To reset the device there is a small hole on the back and only way to access it is a pin or a paperclip
  • Insert the paperclip or a pin in that whole and hold that reset button
  • Now, while holding the reset button, push the power button
  • When the light starts flashing in front of the device remove the pin straight away
  • When the status light turns green, it means that it is ready to use


  • Factory reset
  • Firstly, turn off your device
  • Now, hold the reset button which is at the back with a pin or a paperclip
  • Then, while holding the reset button turn on the device and make sure that hold on the reset button for 30 seconds
  • While holding the button, wait for the lights to turn on twice
  • When the light turns on for the second time, remove the pin straight away
  • Now, wait till the status light turns green. Once it turns green, your ReadyNAS is ready to use

With the help of these, you can easily reset your Netgear ReadyNAS within few minutes. Also, during this process, you’ll notice that it’s a lucid procedure and can be done by anyone.  For any further information regarding any Netgear product, feel free to call us on our Netgear Helpdesk Number to receive a spontaneous service from one of our technicians.

Reset your Netgear ReadyNAS with these easy steps