How To Upgrade The Firmware Linksys Using The TFTP Utility?

If you wish to upgrade the router’s firmware using TFTP utility and not by accessing the web-based setup page, then perform the below steps to execute this task.

But before starting the upgrade, make sure that the preliminary steps have been performed:

  • Make sure the LED lights are blinking and if it blinks the red light then it means that the router cannot be fixed.
  • While the router is plugged on, press the Reset button frequently and notice the LED lights behavior to check the router’s response.

Follow the below steps to use the TFTP utility.

  • Double-click on the TFTP utility icon and when you see a small window appeared on the screen then enter the IP address of your server and also the password in the next box.

The default address of IP is and the password is Admin. If you have not changed till yet then use this information to login.

  • Now, select the button symbolizes by three horizontal dots and named as Browse.
  • Now, open the firmware file which you downloaded previously.
  • Select the Upgrade button on the window.

Point to be noted: If there occurs any problem or error, then it may require resetting the router or performing a power cycle. To perform a power cycle, remove the plug of the device from the power source and wait for at least 30 seconds to plug it back. Now, repeat the entire process.

Once the router’s firmware is successfully upgraded, the user can login to the router’s web based setup page.

If you still have some doubt, then feel free to contact Linksys Technical Support Number and avail our instant assistance to rectify all your troubles effectively. Calling our experts will definitely help you in fixing all sort of issues related to our router.

How To Upgrade The Firmware Linksys Using The TFTP Utility?