How to set up a Gmail signature using the mobile app?

Do you want to be able to set up your Gmail signature only by using the Gmail mobile app? Well then you have for sure made the right choice by coming to this site. And here you will find only reliable and useful solutions; additionally, you will be assisted right away. But if you are troubled with other Gmail-related concerns, then you can call the Gmail Customer Care Number without any hesitation. Then the most efficient experts will be at your service in no time; providing you with the relevant solutions.

NOTE: you should know that the setting up of an email signature using the Gmail app does not apply the same signature to an email that is sent through the desktop or the one that is sent via the mobile Gmail site.

The following are the steps to add a special signature only using the Gmail mobile app; you just need to follow the instructions as instructed to get it right:

 First of all, you should tap on the menu icon which you will see at the top left of the displayed screen.
 And then you need to scroll to the very bottom and after that tap on the Settings gear icon.
 Next, you would have to choose your email account which is at the top.
 And now you got to tap on the ‘Signature settings’ (for an iOS device) or ‘Signature’ (for an Android device).
 Then on iOS, you need to toggle the signature to the enabled/on position. And then the Android users can just skip to the next step.
 You will now have to enter your signature in the provided text area.
 Now on the iOS devices, you would have to tap on the back arrow to save the changes that you made and then you must return to the previous screen, or you just choose the OK button on Android.

Once you have finished following the above procedure you should be all good to start using your Gmail account. However, if you face any issues then you should Contact Gmail Service Number. And the technicians who are available at all times will guide you further.

How to set up a Gmail signature using the mobile app?