How To Resolve HP Laptop Not Turning on Issue?

Hp laptops are always known as the most robust and reliable machine used by billions of users worldwide with guaranteed seamless operations and advanced computing features. Sometimes users may face glitches such as HP laptops won’t turn on after pressing the power button that can hamper their work. This issue may arise because of several reasons such as long-running resulted in the wear and tear of the battery or due to some external hardware but don’t worry as HP customer care service is here to help you in resolving the issue with right guidance and assistance.

If you are also encountering the same error on your Laptop, connect with our expert customer support team through our support channel HP Customer Service Care Number, and get immediate help in resolving the issues with correct measures.

HP users can also resolve a similar issue with the following solutions in this article. So you can also try these solutions and fix the issues instantly!

Method: 1


  1. First check your battery if it is working properly if not then replace the battery.
  2. Check your power charger if you are using it as a power source, make sure the power cable is getting the proper power supply from the source. Check the adapter also if it is damaged or not working then get it repaired or replaced immediately.

Method: 2

  1. Power off your Laptop.
  2. Disconnect all external hardware from your laptop.
  3. Now press the power button to check if the issue is resolved.
  4. If the issue is not resolved then try updating your drivers so that your Laptop is completely updated to perform better.

Method: 3- Hard reset

  1. Power off your Laptop and unplug all external hardware from your Laptop.
  2. Disconnect from all power sources and remove your Laptop battery.
  3. Now press the power button for 30 seconds.
  4. Connect your Laptop to the power supply through the adapter.
  5. Turn on your Laptop by pressing the power button.
  6. Put the battery back to fix the issue with your Laptop.

You can fix your Laptop by following these aforementioned methods but if the issue persists then get in touch with our skilled technicians HP Technical Support Australia. Hp users can avail of immediate technical assistance via our multiple support channels for any technical problem related to your HP laptop; our magnificent team of technical agents will help you in resolving all kinds of technical and general issues.

How To Resolve HP Laptop Not Turning on Issue?