How to invite a new user from a Xero account?

Do you want to learn the procedure how to invite a new user from a Xero account? Then in this blog, you will surely be able to do so in no time. But if you need help with other related queries then you should dial the Xero Customer Care Number Australia right away for appropriate guidance. And the experts will be available immediately and then will provide you with the needful.

NOTE: now if you would like to add a new user to your Xero organization, then your user sole will need to include the manage users permission. And it is free of charge to add users, and also including your accountant in your organization.

The following are the steps to invite an employee in to ‘My Payroll’, and you are required to do this from the ‘Payroll’ screen:

  • First of all, you need to begin by clicking on the organization name and then you should click on ‘Users’
  • After that, you would have to give a click on the ‘Invite a user’ option.
  • And now you must enter the new user’s name, last name, and email address. This should be the email address that you send the invite to will be the user’s login email address.
  • Next, you need to select which features you would like to access, and also a user role for each feature.
  • This is step is optional – you can click to ‘Add a personal message’ as well, and then you got to enter an email message. Then you could also include a link to the support article on how to ‘accept or decline a Xero invite’
  • Now, at last, you just need to click on the ‘Send Invite’ button.

Then the new user must accept the invite within 14 days, and if not so then the invite link will not be available for long.

Now once you have completed the above steps you should be satisfied with the results. However, if you encounter any sort of issues, then you must Contact Xero Customer Service Number. Then you will be assisted by the most diligent technicians who will help you out accordingly

How to invite a new user from a Xero account?