How To Create And Add A Signature To Your Emails On Outlook?

Outlook is a user-friendly email exchanging medium developed by Microsoft, that renders free mailing services to its users all across the globe. Outlook is not only a mailing platform; it is also a personal information management tool that allows users to manage their information efficiently. Outlook PIM tool is loaded with numerous automated features, by making use of these features Outlook users can easily handle their daily events and schedules. If you are facing any kind of difficulties in using the tools of Outlook,you can take support from Outlook customer support experts by establishing communication via Outlook Customer Service Care Number.

Outlook users can also add signatures on their emails to brand messages. To know the procedure to create and add a signature to the emails of your Outlook account please connect with the Outlook help team or carefully follow the steps mentioned in the below write-up.

Steps to create and add signatures to your emails on Outlook:

  1. Go to the Outlook login page through the browser of your choice.
  2. Access your Outlook account by entering your correct login details on the Outlook login form.
  3. Now click on the settings option which is on the top right side of your Outlook account page.
  4. A quick settings panel appears, select view all Outlook settings from the bottom of your settings panel.
  5. Now Outlook settings window opens on your screen, here choose to Compose and reply option.
  6. Add your signature the compose window appeared and click on the Save button.
  7. Now go back to your Outlook main page, click on the New button.
  8. You get a compose window, type the mail and add the recipient.
  9. To add your signature to your email, click on the three dots option which is at the top right side of your Outlook compose window.
  10. You will find an option ‘insert signature’ click on it, now your signature gets added to your window.

Outlook users can get solutions to all their technical issues from Outlook Technical Support Australia by connecting with them through the Outlook support channel.

How To Create And Add A Signature To Your Emails On Outlook?