How Do I Resolve The Acer Screen Flickering Issue?

We all know technology is a boon for everyone as it simplifies our work and increases the productivity of manifolds. With the introduction of computers in our life, we are more empowered to manage our work conveniently. Acer is the world-known name in the field of computing. Acer laptops are the finest computing machines but as with any digital machine, some minor glitches can occur on a Laptop while working. The most common is screen flickering which happened to almost all Laptops once in a while but it is not as big as it seems.

If your Laptop screen is also having the same issue, don’t panic as we deployed the best customer support team that will help you in resolving the problem instantly. Get in touch with our technicians at Acer Customer Service number and we can ensure you that with the help of our customer representatives, you’ll be able to resolve all kinds of issues related to your laptop quickly.

Acer user can apply these methods mentioned in the article below to resolve the issue on their own:

Method: 1 Change the screen refresh rate:

  1. Go to the desktop and click on the display settings.
  2. Scroll down to the option multiple display option and select “Advanced Display Settings”.
  3. Click on the display adapter properties for Display 1.
  4. Now tap on the Monitor tab and choose the screen refresh rate to 60 hertz and apply ok to make the changes.
  5. After making the required changes check if the issue persists, if yes then try the 2nd

Method: 2 Delete or update incompatible applications:

  1. To open the task manager Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
  2. Now see if the task manager window is also flickering, if yes then try the 3rd

Method: 3 Update the Laptop Graphic Driver

This problem may occur due to outdated graphic drivers, updated the drivers can also help you fix it.

  1. Download and install the Driver easy to check the latest drivers from the official Acer website and install it.
  2. Run the available update and get the issue resolved easily.

If the issue persists, connect with our technical team through our various support mediums like a phone call, email, and chatbot service. With chatbot service users have the advantage of having a written transcript of the communication. Users can also take help from Acer Technical Support Phone Number for your Acer Laptop. We provide technical support for all Laptop related issues and are accessible 24/7; please use Acer Contact Number for all your queries.

How Do I Resolve The Acer Screen Flickering Issue?