How Do I Fix The USB Port Issues On My Toshiba Laptop?

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Toshiba users can attach external memory devices to their laptops to enhance memory space. In some rare cases, Toshiba laptops don’t recognize the external memory devices attached through USB ports due to some minor glitches. If you are experiencing errors when you attach your memory devices to your USB port kindly report your errors to the Toshiba customer care team by making use of Toshiba Customer Service Care Number.

You can also fix the USB port issues that appeared on your Toshiba laptops by yourself with the help of instructions given in the below article.

Follow these procedures to quickly fix the USB port issues that appeared on your Toshiba laptop:

  1. Make sure that your device USB drivers are up-to-date, if not please update your USB drivers.
  2. Check whether you have inserted your external memory devices properly on your USB port, remove and try inserting again.
  3. Go to USB settings check whether you have enabled the USB port, if not please enable it, or else your system will not recognize external devices attached through USB ports.
  4. Try rebooting your laptop then check your USB port by inserting memory devices.
  5. If in case if your USB port is damaged you will this issue please visit the Toshiba center near you and get it fixed.

If you want any kind of technical assistance in using the devices developed by Toshiba or fixing errors then connect with Toshiba Technical Support Australia at any time.

How Do I Fix The USB Port Issues On My Toshiba Laptop?