How Do I Fix The Screen Flickering Issue On My Dell Laptop?

Dell is the biggest technology conglomerate known for developing the finest Laptops used by billions of users worldwide. Dell laptops are possibly the best computing machines loaded with the most advanced tools and endless features that help users in increasing their productivity with the simple user interface. But with any other digital device Dell laptops are not immortal and prone to some minor issues that happen because of many reasons like poor handling, drivers required updating, or issue because of some external hardware attached to the Laptop.

One such issue that Dell users sometimes witness is the flickering of the screen that causes a huge amount of work loss as we need our devices to manage our work and day to day work. Constant blinking of the screen creates a very unpleasant situation resulted in decreased productivity and frustration, so the moment it begins, you’ll require an instant solution. Fixing a flickering screen doesn’t always require a visit to the Dell repair center as it can be resolved with the help of our customer service agents who are certified and skilled to perform fixes that can heal your technical glitches immediately. If you are also witnessing the same glitch, call us on our Dell Customer Service Care Number and get pointed fixes.

 Why is your Laptop screen flickering?

There may be various reasons that can cause this issue such as like old Laptop shows traces of continuous wear and tear, loosening of internal cables and wires, outdated system drivers, or any defective hardware.

Here you will find some methods that will help you in resolving the issue instantly. So, read the article and follow the tips to fix the screen flickering issue on your own:

Method: 1 Update display drivers.

  1. Go to the taskbar and access the PC settings, go to “Update & Security and scan for available updates.
  2. If you find any available updates then install the pending updates.
  3. Also install the extensions, drivers, and other programs that need updating.
  4. Select all pending updates and Install updates.
  5. This will install the required updates.

Method: 2 Check for loosened or damaged wires

If you are handy with the technology then you can check the wires that connect the Laptop screen to the keyboard to get the idea if the wires are loosened or damaged then you require expert help in fixing the issue. This is the most common culprit that causes screen flickering issues.

Method: 3 Remove external hardware:

Remove all external hardware and check by plugging them one by one if they are causing the issue. Identify the external device and remove it from your PC immediately.

If you are still encountering the screen flickering issue even after following the aforementioned methods, don’t panic we are always here to help you out. Just get in touch with us via our Toll-free numbers and talk to our customer care support agents. Contact us on Dell Technical Support Phone Number and get immediate help with all your technical and general issues.

How Do I Fix The Screen Flickering Issue On My Dell Laptop?