How Do I Fix Hotmail Account, If I’m Unable To Send Mails?

Hotmail is the widely used emailing platform that allows users to quickly communicate with your contacts. Hotmail users can easily also send pictures, videos, audio clips, links, and documents through a Hotmail account. Hotmail is used by individual users as well as business organization to exchange confidential emails securely. You can access the Hotmail mailing services by creating your Hotmail account for free. Hotmail automatically categorizes your inbox emails into primary mail, social mail, and promotions. Hotmail is integrated with the calendar; you can easily keep track on your daily appointments and events with help of calendar tool. Connect with the Hotmail help team via Hotmail Customer Service Care Number to know more about the built-in tools of Hotmail.

Hotmail users can exchange ample of emails through their Hotmail account. Sometimes emails sent via Hotmail may get queued on the Hotmail outbox or the user may get a notification after some time which says your email was not sent, if you are facing the same issue in your Hotmail account please take help from Hotmail support channels or go through the article mentioned below.

Procedure to fix your Hotmail account, if you are unable to send emails:

  1. You may face this issue if you are not connected to the stable network, please check your connection before sending your emails.
  2. Hotmail account may get wonky if you are trying to send larger documents along with your emails and you won’t be able to send your emails, so always check the size of your email before sending.
  3. If you have not updated your Hotmail application or if you have accessed your Hotmail account from an outdated browser, you won’t be able to send your emails always keep your applications up to date.
  4. Move the emails from your sent box to trash and try to send your emails. If your sent box is full you won’t be able to send new emails.

Hotmail users can get technical support from Hotmail Technical Support Australia by connecting through Hotmail support channels at any time and get instant solutions for their issues.

How Do I Fix Hotmail Account, If I’m Unable To Send Mails?