How Do I Create A To Do List On My Yahoo Mail Account?

Yahoo mail is one of the promising mailing applications loaded with lots of powerful mailing tools. Yahoo users can also access other applications of Yahoo by signing into their Yahoo account. Yahoo mail users can also utilize the productivity tools of Yahoo to perform their productive tasks conveniently. Yahoo users can access their Yahoo mail account from any browser or through Yahoo mobile application. Yahoo is constantly adding new mailing features to help users in performing their complex mailing activities more conveniently. Yahoo users can unlock premium users of Yahoo by subscribing to the Yahoo premium service package.

Yahoo users can also access preloaded features such as calendaring, digital contact book, and note-making. You can also create and save a To-do list on your Yahoo mail account. If want any kind of assistance in creating a To-dolist on your Yahoo account then connect with the Yahoo customer care team through Yahoo Customer Service Number.

The below article will help you to quickly create a To-do list on your Yahoo mail account.

Steps to quickly create a To-do list on your Yahoo account:

  1. Open a browser from your system and visit the Yahoo login page.
  2. Access your Yahoo account by entering your login credentials correctly.
  3. Yahoo home page appears on your screen click on the mailbox icon from the top-right corner of your screen.
  4. Yahoo inbox appears on your screen, click on the calendar option from your screen.
  5. You will be directed calendar page, here on the right pane of your calendar page screen you will find the to-do option.
  6. To create a new to-do list, click on add icon that is next to your username.
  7. The To-do list form appears on your screen, give a name to the list set a due date if necessary.
  8. Add the items to your to-do list on the description part of your screen.
  9. Click on the Save button to save your to-do list.

If the above steps don’t help then connect with Yahoo Technical Support Australia through any Yahoo support channel that is convenient to you.

How Do I Create A To Do List On My Yahoo Mail Account?