How to set up a Gmail signature using the mobile app?

Do you want to be able to set up your Gmail signature only by using the Gmail mobile app? Well then you have for sure made the right choice by coming to this site. And here you will find only reliable and useful solutions; additionally, you will be assisted right away. But if you are […]

What to do when you encounter Netgear router error code 10?

Technical glitches on an internet router are very usual and common. On netgear routers there is an error which is considered to be the most reported error among all the others and that is the error code 10. The Netgear Technical stated that there are mainly three reasons that cause this error and they are, […]

How To Upgrade The Firmware Linksys Using The TFTP Utility?

If you wish to upgrade the router’s firmware using TFTP utility and not by accessing the web-based setup page, then perform the below steps to execute this task. But before starting the upgrade, make sure that the preliminary steps have been performed: Make sure the LED lights are blinking and if it blinks the red […]

How to fix Cisco VPN client application on windows 10?

Losing internet connection really bothers more than a sluggish internet connection. So, to ensure the settings fix the VPN connection, as the issue pertains with a slight change in the settings; therefore, check the VPN connection of your Cisco router. To do so, follow the below steps carefully: Go to any web browser and search […]

How to fix Netgear router error code 10?

Unlike every other router, Netgear also has its dark days when an unknown technical fault interferes with the functioning of this router. One such issue that interrupts with the functioning of the product is the error code 10. Basically, this error is caused due to the IRO conflict or may be due to the improper […]